Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,
You are lovely. You are. You're a wonderful person who is writing a complete stranger fanfiction and that makes you awesome :)
Personally I love main characters so much, also fluffy things and gay and team fic where everyone does everyday things and AUs (from coffee shop to somehow-sentient-kitchenware, AUs are awesomecakes). I love tooth-rotting cuteness and happy endings and believe that angst and hurt and woe is only acceptable if it's nicely resolved so everyone can live happily ever after. Yes, in the cases of things where canon is everything painful and angsty in the world this means absolute and total denial.

Dracula Untold- Vlad Tepes for father of the century. No-one that invested in their child’s wellbeing, future and crown just took off at the end. Super awesome dad Vlad is my favourite thing about the film. That and the shallow pretty shirtlessness. And the impaling. Vlad playing murderous guardian angel to his son from the shadows would be amazing. I’m sure there’s more than a few battles in history won by freak weather occurrences that totally mean ‘overprotective vampire father’ really.

Jurassic Park – Anything about Ian Malcolm. Dr Ian Malcolm is my favourite and I loved everything about his snarky flirting to his legion of ex-wives, and the interplay between Ian and Ellie and Alan. The reaction of Ian to Jurassic Park III would be wonderful and possibly involve writing an entire novel about how palaeontologists should stop visiting dinosaur-infested islands and going on an entire book tour at universities to shame Alan into being less stupid in future.

Kamen Rider Kabuto – Kagami is the best sort of long-suffering idiot that always pulls through for his friends. He just got stuck with friends like Tendou and therefore his life is doomed to be ridiculous and occasionally featuring starring roles in alien invasions. I adore the Zecters, tiny little (evil) metal creatures that only like Tendou Souji (always) and their avatars (subject to good behaviour). I love the entire cast of Kabuto so stuff about any of the riders- living or dead- is cool.

Yowamushi Pedal – Onoda and Makishima are adorable together, because Maskishima is secretly made of hugs and puppies, but also the way Onoda managed to somehow infect his entire team with anime and Love Hime is the best. I’d love to see everyone even tangentially connected to Onoda buying anime or soundtracks and nerding out and running into the others in the store and all pretending they got lost looking for new tires or something. All the characters are utterly adorable, even Midousuji (deep deep down inside), and supportive teams of idiots are my favourite so anything team-based will do it for me. Souhoku is my favourite (I get v. attached to main characters, okay) but Hakone and Kyoto Fushimi are the best sort of mostly friendly rivals.

Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Author,
Welcome, you wonderful person!
I’m fairly easy, so long as characters are happy then so am I. I like my fic gay, fluffy, ridiculous, filled with misunderstandings (and occasionally even angst) so long as it all ends happily. I adore AU’s, the crackier the better, and stuff that’s set post-canon or in the bits off-screen you never get to see. If you feel the desperate need to torture a character I don’t mind so long as someone comes along afterwards and makes their day suck a little less. That’s totally what happy ending is *g*

Brothers Conflict. The twin-triplets. While I do love all the brothers more or less the twins are amazing little horrors that have managed to simultaneously endear themselves to their brother so much he has cats named after them and yet still make him rather live elsewhere. But if you want to include anyone else I genuinely do like everyone, even Ema, who is clearly too sensible to want to date close family members and deserves a day without getting hit on.

Kamen Rider Kabuto. Kagami’s my favourite, it’s the combination of being normal enough to realise Tendou’s ridiculous and being such fail sometimes. Slash more than welcome, and if you could somehow see fit to having it set in Kagami’s flat that would be brilliant. Still bothers me that no-one ever randomly showed up at Kagami’s place. Like Tendou showing up to cook food. I also love the Zecters, even a mention would make me all the happyface.

Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin/Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. Yaichi. Anything with Yaichi in it, presumably with Karatsu along for the ride…I love the idea of everyone just hanging out at the office being poor and the girls swanning about with actual lives and sense that goes beyond the cheapest place to buy instant noodles.

Uta no Prince-sama. Gay singing. Gay singing roommates. In a band. With dance rehearsals and arguing over stage costumes and what constitutes too much glitter. Everyone/Everyone, porn, crack, whatever. Anyone interacting with Satsuki beyond violence would be amazing *g*

Atlantis, Pythagoras and Magical Naked Gateways

Aaaargh, Auntie Beeb, why must you come along and give my Saturday nights ridiculous trashy meaning again? Do you have any idea how many shows I'm trying to keep up with right now?
(Also the trailer for Death Comes to Pemberley beforehand amused me greatly, there was a time when I would quite happily have taken that book with me on a desert island.)

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Wicked Has Watched

SHIELD!!!! Acfgjb.khbdf.vkhdv I have feelings damnit. Mostly about Lola XD XD XD

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The Wrong Mans was okay but not as interesting as the half hour of GBBO that I caught before it, which says it all.

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And thus everything I've watched this week is summed up, leaving way for new things to watch and flail about. Also uni and actual coursework.

5th May Means...

Happy Hikaru no Go Day!

And if you feel the day could be improved somehow with Go and rivals and truly horrendous lavender suits and Ogata being kind of creepy in his interest towards someone almost fifteen years younger than him and Sai and the fact that somehow a ridiculously cerebral board game is made interesting, but that you'd prefer a bit of porn to go with it then try this-

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Christmas Cards!

Slightly later than usual but here's the Christmas card post!  If there's anyone who wants a card then please leave your address in the comments and I'll assault you with festive cheer and probably glitter

(Fair warning there, remember that you were definitely warned ;D)


In which there are many gratuitous pictures and much squeeing over pretties and all the marvellous nerdery that is Expo 

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Also I got talking to girl at one of the stalls and when she saw my Echizen keyring she started singing You Got Game? Apparently I was the only person who recognised the song, even the Seigaku cosplayers she saw earlier didn't get it. We both agreed that all Prince of Tennis fans should be made to sit down with the gay tennis musicals and then she rounded the price of my purchases down to the nearest five ;D  See, gay tennis really is the best thing ever. And nothing anyone says will ever change that